BALOU – Zero Waste Fashion

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BALOU is a social project, a new entrepreneurial vision driven by the desire to do better for his generation and the next. Clothes with a positive, colorful, responsible and committed image.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 3/3/2023

Our Story

My name is Louise Boulet-Alips, and Balou is my story. I am part of this first generation that will have to fight for its survival. This reality is hardly tangible, but it is very real. The waters are overflowing, the social peace is waning, the climates are intermingling. But if the future turns out to be terribly pessimistic, I want to believe in it and contribute to a new optimism. So I created Balou, in the midst of a pandemic, to combat this gloom by imagining a line of products inspired by a joyfully contagious 70’s era with an eco-responsible value: zero waste and local. For my generation, dressing up is a statement, not an act of contrition. For my generation, fashion is a right, but also a duty, to respect the small hands that design it and support the small gestures that honor it. Balou is a social project, a new entrepreneurial vision driven by the desire to do better for its generation and the next.

A New Concept

Balou offers a line of the highest quality printed clothing and textiles with an eco-responsible value: zero waste and produced in Europe. Since its inception, Balou has operated on a made-to-order basis, with production of the piece starting only when an order is placed. Balou is growing, and this operating system is becoming more and more complicated logistically and financially. The Balou team therefore decided to introduce a new pre-order concept after long deliberations. This solves the problems encountered by made-to-order without compromising our environmental principles. Production only starts once the time limit for the order has passed and only the quantity of pieces ordered is manufactured, respecting the notion of zero waste.

We Need YOU!

To support this project is to take a step towards a more conscientious fashion. We are the first generation of our recent humanity that will have to reinvent itself to survive. Whether it be environmentally, economically or socially, our generation has an obligation to take the steps to correct the mistakes of the past. Fashion is a statement. Choosing a brand is choosing to support a social project. It means a way of doing and a way of being. Our goal is to finance growth: marketing, human resources and production. We need a minimum of 30’000chf to turn this success into a profitable, sustainable and committed brand: to secure our growth, to develop Balou’s notoriety, to enrich our team with new talents, to expand our production, to create several collections, to multiply our online influence campaigns, and to maintain our eco-responsible production model.