What is it about?

Inspired by Yehudi Menuhin’s concept of «beautiful music in beautiful places», Violinist Francis Fortier founded the Bar Harbor Music Festival in 1967 after studying with Menuhin at the Bath Festival in England. Performances take place in a variety of stunning venues in and around Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home of Acadia National Park.

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When is the Festival?

July 2 – July 30 2017

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The Festival

The Bar Harbor Music Festival has gained national recognition for its important work, providing a showcase for gifted young artists. It remains one of the few music festivals in the US whose guiding mission is to provide essential performance opportunities for outstanding up-and-coming talent.

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The Film

During the 50th Anniversary Season in 2016, I filmed a documentary about the Festival. In this work, we’ll enjoy numerous interviews with various artists as well as audience members who, year after year, come to enjoy the music and the wonderful environment that Mount Desert Island offers.

Building on a sublime 50th Golden Anniversary Season, this summer’s 51st Bar Harbor Music Festival is shaping up to be the best ever, and included in the 2017 musical season is the première of the documentary film. Help us to complete the post-production process! Thank you!

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