Your balcony turns into a bar !

This Summer It’s balcony time ! BarÀBar is easily assembled and secured to the rail of your balcony.

Wide enough to put a laptop or food&drinks it takes up very little space. It is perfect for your home office or your home party ;).

Laptop, Coffee, Champagne, Tapas, Spritz or Pizza…you decide :)

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Easy to set-up

BarÀBar is functional, festive and easy to install.

Shipped in one box, once assembled (~15 mins) it is easily fixed onto your rail (3 mins). You don’t have to remove it if the weather turns bad since it is made of weatherproof wood with UV-protective varnish to withstand rain, snow, and sun !

Help us help them !

We work with great people at the Polyval foundation for social integration and are very proud to participate in their program. Your help will give us the possibility to carry on this adventure, buy the material to produce the bars and get people to know about our project.

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