The project

I wanted a great amazing artistic adventure, a creation, involving musical and dance with acrobatics and circus!

Because, as any old child, I have always been fascinated by the famous character of P.T. Barnum, inventor of modern day circus, dazzling with talent, sublime charlatan, genious advertizer and restless entrepreneur.

Therefore, since Cy Coleman, Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble created their celebrate musical «BARNUM» in 1981 in Broadway, and further production in London, Paris, Sidney and Madrid, I have a dream: to add my brick to this fantastic work’s edifice and let the Child as well as the Adult be thrilled and emotioned.

This is almost reached! From the 5th to the 21st of december 2014, anyway, I know that I will be making the swiss creation with with 12 live musicians, 40 singing artists, dancers, comedians on stage among those acrobats and circus people and 200 costumes.

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The realised stages

With my whole team, administrative and technical staff, musicians, soilists, the troupe and acrobats, a lot of stuff has been knocked down from the beginning of the year:

  • We have obtained the american rights by Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc., New York
  • An authorized french adapatation of the booklet has been realised
  • The Cité Bleue Theater (Geneva) has been firmly booked
  • We have created a dedicated website with electronic ticketsale.
  • We have put in place essential partnerships and financial supports
  • The necessary means of communication (posters, flyers, programmes, various annoucements) have been planned, created and booked
  • With my stage designer and costumier, I have developed sets and costumes
  • Our musical conductor formed the orchestra and wrote the adequate arrangements following the original score
  • With all the artists, we have deeply worked on the roles, the ensembles and the theater production in general

What is still to be made

The financial means reached until now do not allow to achieve the highest vision I have in my project. That is why I must still be raising, with your help, CHF 33’000 on a global budget of CHF 400’000.

Therefore, thanks to you I’ll be able to:

  • Realize more elaborate sets
  • Realize the costumes with the help of a second professional dressmaker
  • Realize some extra effects and technical structures for the acrobats and circus people
  • Finish off the general sound equipment and settings for the roles and the musicians

So that on stage, when you come to attend the performance, we’ll give you even more joy, pleasure and emotions!

Yes, I need you!

Because I had a dream! To produce and direct «BARNUM». And now I am well… almost!

Because in my very first artistic vision, there was even more orchestra, more scenery and more technical effects!

So I thank you! Thank you to offer me the opportunity to raise what is still lacking to let the dream come to reality… and this reality become now your own dream!

Thank you!