Music education is long overdue for a revolution, where participation is nurtured in a supportive environment. Please help make Basel Musicking a reality not only for us, but for all music lovers.

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A Fun, New Way to Experience Music!

Basel Musicking is your new destination for musical immersion, creativity, and enjoyment, and for exploring the deepest aspects of music making!

We are inspired by the concept that music is not simply something to be enjoyed passively. Rather, music is a form of expression that is best appreciated through activity. At Basel Musicking, you are encouraged to listen, dance, play instruments, sing, and even compose your own music.

Basel Musicking is also about bringing people together, meeting new people, creating bonds, sharing experiences and, most importantly, having fun.

We apply new and innovative teaching concepts which do not have the opportunity to flourish in conventional music lessons and classes. Basel Musicking places a special emphasis on creativity, with the ultimate goal being to unleash your creative potential.

Please Help Us Reach Our Goal

Considering the challenges of our fast-paced society, we believe that our passion for music can significantly improve the quality of life for our participants. Basel Musicking is kindly asking for your support to reach our goal of raising CHF 30,000.

Your donation will go toward:

• Purchasing or renting musical instruments such as percussion, keyboards, and additional musical equipment

• Renting unique spaces to host workshops, group, and individual lessons

• Hiring additional musicians

Your support means the world to us. It will help us to apply one of the most innovative teaching concepts of our time.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Babak Mahmudian

I was born in Tehran, Iran, where I started to play piano and learn music theory at age 11. After my early education, I traveled to study composition in the birthplace of my beloved classical music: Austria. In the city of Graz I discovered the harpsichord, completing composition studies before continuing my education of the harpsichord and basso continuo in Basel, Switzerland. I completed my Master’s degree in harpsichord and pedagogy and wrote my thesis, which is a brief harpsichord school for harpsichord players who wish to deepen their technique. This school contains brand new pieces in various styles. During my studies I organised many concerts with my own Compositions. I am passionate about teaching and have experience with all age groups. My emphases are Keyboard instruments, Accompaniment, and Composition, and it is my pleasure to bring my expertise and love of musical appreciation to Basel Musicking.

Andri Leonardo

I grew up in a musical family in Basel, Switzerland, being exposed from an early age to both classical and modern music, and encouraged to pursue it either as a hobby or professionally. After receiving my musical education at the Musik-Akademie Basel and the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, I graduated from the renown Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, in 1999. I recorded a rock music album with my band, Devas, and played the Boston and New York scenes before discovering Los Angeles. I moved there in 2003 and began composing music, including work for Hollywood productions. A major label eventually signed me in 2008. My favorite instruments are piano, guitar, and my voice, while one of my greatest passions is teaching music. It’s this love that led me to Basel Musicking, to give back as a «thank you» for all the success I have enjoyed in my life.

Yasmina Bauer

Since I was child, my great passion is to listen, sing, play, and move to music. I always invited friends to private concerts at my home to share the joy of music, and for those who wanted to explore music by learning an instrument, I helped find teachers. Through those experiences I witnessed the extraordinary positive and transformative effect music has on our lives. Now, my desire is to work with professional musicians to create an environment that will allow many more people, including adults and children, to experience music by listening, singing, playing, composing, and moving. My education includes a PhD in Sciences from the University of Basel, and I’ve been a research scientist and manager for 20+ years in the pharmaceutical industry. The communication, leadership, and organizational skills I’ve acquired, plus my interest in education, have helped make Basel Musicking a reality. I look forward to enriching many people’s lives.