Baushtellë: Balkan Temple

by Baushtellë

Belgrade, Prishtina, and Zurich

Baushtellë is an art project rooted in Pristina, Belgrade & Zurich. During a 10 week journey artists from all three cities will create a 6h performance based on the question: «What do you believe in?»

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Successfully concluded on 16/9/2015

What is it about?

Every artist will express his or her reaction to the question «What do you believe in?» through art. These individual works will combine different forms of art: music, theatre, dance, poetry, performance art, video, painting or photography. In the end, the careful curation of these artworks will produce a collective performance, which will include a large number of artists and performers together – creating an honest reaction to the question «What do you believe in?».

What do you believe in?

What drives us in life? What stands behind our choices in life and why do we do what we do?

This project is a challenge, to discover the systems of beliefs that stand behind our decisions, behind our way of life. We want to observe, analyse and question those systems.
Baushtellë brings together humans from different places. Artists from Prishtina, Belgrade and Zurich join their efforts in a personal reaction to the universal question «What do you believe in?». In a 10-week quest through the three cities, they will be digging deep in their inner selves to find out their most pure and honest beliefs. At the end of this journey they will present a collective proof of their experiences in three open performances, one each in Prishtina, Belgrade and Zurich.

Our aim is not to find a universal answer. During the performances all individual reactions, which are happening at the same time, will lead to new questions.

How we work

The project is divided into two phases: the research and the performance phase. In the research phase we will travel through the three cities to explore the question «What do you believe in?». Throughout this time, the artists will live and work in art houses rented out by the project, that will serve as workspaces and meeting points of the project participants. This phase is vital since this is the time when all the ideas are conceptualized and the spirit of the performance takes shape. We will organize an open program for visitors with lectures, concerts, talks and public space interventions. All events (including the main performance) will be free to visit.

  • Research Zurich: 13 – 27 July
  • Research Belgrade: 28 July – 9 August
  • Research Pristina: 10 – 23 August

By the time that the performance phase starts, the ideas for the performance will already be conceived and all the participants will know in detail how their performances will unfold. This will be the phase, when all that those concepts will be put into practice, the stages will be set up and all the technical aspects of the performances will be finalized.

  • Pristina: 5 September (Campus of University of Pristina)
  • Belgrade: 12 September (Kalemegdan Fortress)
  • Zurich: 19 September (Fraumünster Church)

Who we are

We are humans, friends, a group of people from Pristina, Belgrade and Zürich. We are artists, lawyers, architects, journalists, sociologists, craftsmen… We think and act globally. And we believe in Baushtellë. Visit our Team.