Do only managers and top athletes need coaching? Wrong! We are Breess, an innovative and future-oriented market-place for all those who want to tap their full potential. That means you!

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Have you been feeling dissatisfied, unhappy, blocked, stressed or overwhelmed for far too long? We all know what that feels like! Or are you tingly, curious and keen to take a step forward or to push an idea or to finally get a project off the ground? Join us!

With Breess, we help you to step towards change - not tomorrow or in two months’ but today. Be it needed support or just tapping your full potential. Our digital market place saves long hours of endlessly browsing the internet for the right match to help you. On Breess you can find the help you are looking for quickly and easily.

Breess works like a dating platform for professionals. We match you with experts from every possible background such as personal development, health, career, stress management and mindfulness. Accessible anywhere, at any time in just a few clicks. You tell us what you need and we show you which of our coaches can best help you become the best version of yourself. We show you which of our coaches can support you best in whatever you want to achieve. Breess pioneers in creating the most uncomplicated and direct way to mentoring and coaching - for everyone.


Breess - that is who we are: Svetlana Sobolevska and Mona Erb, two young entrepreneurs from Zurich. We share a common vision: We dream of a world where coaching and mentoring is a part of our everyday life. We believe that personal success can begin with the support of coaches and mentors. Improvement starts with change.

What we know from our experience: Svetlana was a real whizzkid: Immediately after her studies she joined a Berlin start-up company and quickly took on a dream job in a managing position. After some time, Svetlana realized that she needed professional support if she wanted to continue withstanding the pressure of her work environment. Before she knew it, Svetlana had a breakdown.

Svetlana quit her dream job, bought a plane ticket and flew far away. From her own experience, she realized that there are many people out there, that could become better or be prevented from too much stress by giving them a simple option to talk to experts, coaches and people that went through the same challenges. The following months of travelling would not only change her life, but also spark the beginning of the idea for Breess. Few years later she put the idea into practice and Breess was born! Today this project is called Breess. It has been online since February 2020.

And a few months ago, Svetlana found her partner in crime - Mona Erb. After one year as an environmental scientist at the ETH, Mona began her Master’s degree in political science and was deeply engaged in social work. Hence, Mona has the perfect skills to help Breess move forward. Together with a small core team the two women work hard to make Breess fly!


We have reached our first milestone: the beta version of Breess is running reliably. Our first calls with users have been successful, and a small but fine selection of coaches from numerous sectors are on board.

So far Breess has been completely self-financed. But now we are taking the next steps, for which we need your help: In order to optimize the matchmaking between users and experts, we are currently developing a soft skill assessment tool in cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

We need financial support to be able to head forward with the development of this tool, among other things. In addition, we require major investments in the back-end development, website maintenance and the kick-off for our marketing campaign. In total, we need 30’000 Swiss francs to cover our costs and reach our next milestone. We urgently need your support. Help us make Breess fly! If we succeed, Breess will go online in January 2021!