We produce environmentally friendly hollow wooden surfboards shaped by renowned California shapers. Our 90% automated process assures the quality of our boards and scalability of our business.


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Concluded on 4/3/2019

Beech Surfboards: All wood, no filler

Beech Surfboards contributes to the surf community by producing performance eco-friendly hollow wooden surfboards shaped by well known California surfboard shapers.

We press our surfboard decks in a large press to achieve our lightweight and strong molded wood construction. We are trying through wemakeit to raise 68’000 CHF to fund our second surfboard model press machine tool so we can expand our business and offer customer a new way to ride our hollow wooden boards.

Our 90% automated and proprietary board build process sets us far apart from any other hollow wooden board manufacturer.

Due to our high degree of automation, CAD-CNC design to production, and specialized robotic machine tools, we have the capacity to ramp up production to one day (with a little luck and a lot of hard work) achieve a global market share in the surf industry.

By selling our environmentally responsible boards and increasing our market share, we directly reduce the amount of plastic and waste ending up in our oceans and polluting our environment.

Our boards are 97% wood, a renewable, CO2 neutral material and are very durable. Our boards can last a lifetime with proper care, making them environmentally responsible during the whole product life cycle.

Please help us to get our second board model to market so that we can grow our small company into something bigger and better. Every board we sell means one less piece of plastic in the ocean.

Thanks for your consideration!

A final note: We like to give credit where credit is due. The surfers featured in our video and photos are: Andrea Certo Thomas La Fonta Clement Roseyro Xavier Hillerau

Video Production by: • Production: @t2p_adv_photography • Video: @otherstoriesproduction and @france_drone_production

Photography by: • @cristiancorradin

Our project is special because:

Hollow wooden boards have been around since around 1930 but were always hand made and therefore time consuming to build or expensive to buy.

We think our project is special as we developed an innovative process to make hollow wooden boards affordable for all surfers.

By making an environmentally friendly board available to a mass market, we can help keep harmful plastic and foam out of the ocean and landfills.

This is what we need backing for:

As a small company, we spent a lot of our own money to get this far.

We have a second surfboard model ready as a prototype (a modern 6’4’’ Fish Shape from a famous Newport shaper) but we need your support to purchase our second machine tool which costs over 68’000 CHF.

The aluminum machine tools we use to mold our wood veneer weigh about 2400 kilograms, are heated and complex. They are expensive to develop and machine.

If we are funded through wemakeit we can purchase this tool we really need to grow our company!