Artists & athletes together behind Beirut

On Tuesday, 4th August 2020 we stood with the rest of the world and watched as an explosion in downtown Beirut ripped through the capital. The event caused more than 200 deaths, 7,000 injuries and left more than a quarter of a million people homeless. In total the damaged caused amounted to more than USD 15 billion.

To help the people of Lebanon, who are currently experiencing one of the worst crises in its history, several artists, musicians and athletes are joining forces to raise much needed funds through a crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

Let's rebuild Lebanon TOGETHER !

Not able to support directly on the field, we can nevertheless rise funds which are critical to provide food, shelter and housing to the people in needs.

Artists & athletes behind Beirut :

  • Mike Horn, explorer
  • Bastian Baker, singer
  • Mujinga Kambundji, Switzerland’s fastest woman
  • Aliose, band
  • Pat Burgener, pro snowboarder & musician
  • Sarah Atcho, athlete
  • Lucas Beaufort, artist
  • Nicolas Bamert, artist
  • Michael von Graffenried, photographer
  • Etienne Claret, film producer & photographer
  • Amandine, singer
  • Special support by the FIS
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Funds risen will be donated to the NGO Volunteer Together and used as follow ...

The risen funds will be donated to the local NGO Volunteers Together ( who work on the ground to help those affected by the tragedy.

Medical Aid

Hospitalization fees: covers «medically necessary» treatment, including inpatient hospital stays, emergency room visits, and operations.

Treatments: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, orthophonist treatment, therapy sessions, and physiotherapy.

Pharmaceutical fees: the organization is committed to providing monthly medication fees.

Food & Supplies Distribution

Food boxes: includes beans, vegetables (25kg), and milk… Supplies: pads, napkins, diapers…

Education Scholarships

Providing care and education for several children in need. Our contribution helps these children get shelter, food, and health care for a better decent life.

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