After two years of absence due to corona, we bring Kardes Türküler back to the stage for a benefit concert in favour of children and young people in the poor districts of Istanbul.

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Successfully concluded on 12/3/2022

Music for a good cause

Kardes Türküler - a heart for children

Kardes Türküler is a well-known music group from Istanbul. Through its intercultural composition, it sets a sign for peaceful coexistence in a region with different languages, cultural identities and religious traditions. Founded as a musical project almost 20 years ago by students of Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Kardes Türküler offer rousing interpretations of traditional songs from Anatolia, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Mesopotamian region in the respective language and accompany them with traditional and modern instruments. They celebrate numerous successes both in Turkey and in Europe and not least in Zurich, where they enjoy great popularity.

Kardes Türküler have a pronounced social conscience and is supporting the Basak Foundation in Istanbul in many ways since years. In this context, they will give a benefit concert in Zurich on 10 April 2022 at the invitation of the Association Basak Switzerland.

Why is our benefit concert important

The purpose of the Association Basak Switzerland is to support the Basak Foundation in Istanbul ideally, but above all financially. The association is financed by membership fees, donations and, to a larger extent, by events with a paying audience. In the last two years, the Corona pandemic has put a damper on our activities. Because we were not able to organise any events, the Basak Foundation’s projects have much less funds available to support disadvantaged children and young people - at a time when this pandemic poses an existential threat to them. A benefit concert is a great opportunity to show solidarity with children and young people who have not had a good start in life. The association Basak Switzerland is tax exempt.

This is what we need backing for

Although Kardes Türküler are waiving their fee, the costs of around 6,000 Swiss francs for transport, accommodation, food and visas will be borne by the Association Basak Switzerland. This is too big a burden for the association’s budget, which is why we are dependent on your support. Please help us to raise the amount so that we can realise this beautiful and important benefit concert.

The proceeds will go entirely to the work of the Basak Foundation in Istanbul. There, destitute children receive free access to basic education and the opportunity to acquire musical and manual skills, which strengthens them in their personal development. Every franc counts, thank you very much for your valuable contribution. The children will thank you and we with them!

10 April 2022 at the Volkshaus Zurich - safe the date and come to the concert in large numbers. You will be thrilled!