Beyond art, Beyond shame

by Fizzy Beard


Three years... That's how long it took me to tame the piano, this instrument, an extension of my heart and my emotions. An evidence through which I can express myself freely.

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Beyond art, Beyond shame, What is it ?

A hymn to passion, love and determination

In 2020, when the world is on pause, Fizzy Beard has left the guitar and music production behind to devote her heart and soul to the piano.

Self-taught, I have dedicated my life to this instrument for the past three years. Hundreds of thousands of hours of practice, bordering on tendonitis, to reach a sufficiently high technical level to allow me to express my emotions at best.

This album is for me the opportunity to anchor these 23 songs in reality and to give the most beautiful gift to the little boy that I was and who thought it was too late to learn to play the piano.

It sounds like a tribute to the beautiful souls who inspired me and gave me the strength to believe in my dreams. It is also the most beautiful way to alchemize all the suffering, anguish and rage into soothing and inspired notes.

Beyond an album, beyond Hollywood

The «Beyond art, Beyond shame» project goes beyond the recording of an album. Your precious donations will also contribute to the making of a short film whose script, written by Fizzy Beard, will feature several Swiss artists.

Mixing music, dance and boxing, this film is an opportunity to give images and stories to some of the songs on the album which will be used as a soundtrack.

To end my attempt to synthesize what «Beyond art, beyond shame» is, I would say that it is also a story of collaborations and friendship.

The friendship and joy I have developed through music, with those precious artists who agreed to collaborate with me for 4 songs.

Namely :

  • Julie & Charlotte
  • Ben (!Marieposa!)
  • Camille Ruz
  • Piero Lefou

Here is the list of songs that found their way into my ninth opus:

  • 1 «La valse de Ljubljana»
  • 2 «la vie danse»
  • 3 «L’évidence»
  • 4 «L’as de verre» (feat Camille Ruz)
  • 5 «dernière virée» (feat Ben Pralong)
  • 6 «Sunny rain»
  • 7 «Waterfall»
  • 8 «J’ai embrassé le ciel»
  • 9 «Jolie bulle»
  • 10 «s’envolent les regrets»
  • 11 «Rêve d’enfant»
  • 12 «Ça que j’nous aime»
  • 13 «les colombes d’Oël»
  • 14 «ancre de tourment»
  • 15 «encre moi»
  • 16 «impro apprivoisée»
  • 17 «Troglodyte mignon»
  • 18 «Aurore sous la neige»
  • 19 «l’amour en 2 à corps»
  • 20 «Mossane»
  • 21 «l’amoureux» (feat Pierro Lefou)
  • 22 «sans querelle» (feat Julie & Charlotte)
  • 23 «23ème larme»

«Those Who Were Seen Dancing Were Thought To Be Insane By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music» Nietzsche

How your support will be used

Your precious and generous donations will be used to :

  • pay the wonderful sound engineer who will accompany me during the residency.
  • Cover the costs of the residency at the Pressoir de Monceau and thus benefit from a steinway grand piano for the recording.
  • To finance the short film and pay the artists who participate in its production.
  • the production of the vinyls
  • to make you experience a moment of musical escape
  • contribute to making the world a better place through art