Bioconstruction in Pantanal

With the construction of 4 small, original but cozy and beautiful bungalows made of natural materials (consisting of clay, wood and stone, also known as «Cordwood construction»), you and guests from all over the world will be able to stay in this beautiful place and participate in our life. You can live in our community and become familiar with our various projects. We are happy to advise you, thanks to many years of experience in the tourism, we will plan different tours and activities four you and our guests in the fascinating nature of the Pantanal and Bonito.

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About us and our projects – We make it happen-

Our home is in western Brazil, gateway to the Pantanal and Bonito and home to a diverse range of animals and plants. Within a year we transformed three hectares of unused wasteland into a beautiful garden; a small paradise for plants, animals and people. Living with us, in two simple buildings, are homeless people, animals and families, who are, for various reasons, without social support.

Through the forest gardening, we strive towards self-sufficiency. This method is modeled off the natural structure of the forest, with its wide biodiversity. By covering the ground, many organic matters get produced.

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With your help you secure the future of our projects

An increasing amount of people wanting to learn and develop, are drawn to us, wishing to gain from our knowledge. This is why we have created many different projects, for which we need support.

However we do not have a regular income. We have reached our limit and are now relying on your support to allow Nucleo Ser Vir a Vida to stand on its own feet. The construction of the bungalows will allow us to achieve a regular income through tourism. We have 10 years experience in ecotoursim.

Why we chose Bioconstruction:

Clay, dirt, bamboo and wood are the traditional materials that humans have been using to build for many centuries. By using these natural resources to build our bungalows we seek to revive and reclaim this style of building. Other natural ways of building are often lacking in insulation, aesthetics and durability.

  • The interior can maintain a near constant temperature-nice and cool during the day and not too cold at night.
  • As the natural materials we are using are quite cheap or even free, building costs are lowered considerably. The main costs would be the cost of transportation, labourers and the hire of a professional bio-constructor.
  • Last but not least, the fantastic resources our planet provides, are used and noticed. For example by incorporating glass bottles in our design, a wonderful display of light can be created. The materials used to create the bungalow also allows us to shape the house as we like without a single tree being felled. Due to the resources used our bungalows will fit perfectly into our natural surroundings.

Why your support is so important:

We can recieve guests from all over the world in the cozy chalets and we can have a regular income

We support a women’s group in the small village of Morraria do Sul, by selling their traditional Bocaiuva oil. This ensures that they receive a minimum income to support their families.

We support people from all around the world who wish to find their inner voice and not despair at the state of our world today.

If you’d like to learn more about us and our projects, be sure to check out our website

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Should there be an unexpected cash surplus, we will be using this for following projects:

  • Solar panels for electricity production and water heating
  • Solar dryer for fruit and herbs
  • Extension on one house resulting in increased privacy for the family that lives there
  • Wood oven with hot water spirals
  • Neutering and care of dogs and cats
  • Storage room to provide the correct storage of seeds

Si, à la fin, un peu d’argent devrait être en excès, nous utilisons-le pour les projets suivants:

  • Des panneaux solaires pour l’électricité et de l’eau chaude
  • Les séchoirs solaires pour les fruits et les herbes
  • Élargissement d’une maison pour plus de sphère privée pour la famille là-bas
  • Poêle à bois avec des spirales de l’eau chaude et four
  • Castration et le soin des chiens et des chats
  • Cellier pour la bonne conservation des graines