Don’t mess with Texas

After the success received by our first album «Haze» and many concerts done (with Mars Red Sky, Radio Moscow, Brant Bjork, Kadavar and many others) we are currently preparing the second album, which will also be recorded by Erik Wofford, in Austin, Texas, at Cacophony Recorders studio. He has recorded several albums of Explosions in the Sky, My Morning Jacket, The Black Angels, etc.

The band:

Black Willows is a band based in Lausanne and formed in 2011. Today, the group counts three members: a singer-guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin but also more recent like Om, Black Mountain, Black Angels. Particularly enjoying the atmosphere of Black Angels, we decided to record our first album in the same recording studio as them: cacophony recorders (Erik Wofford) in Austin, Texas. We were very happy with the result and wish to return at the same place to record our second album.

The first album:

Our first album «Haze» has been well received in the psychedelic and stoner community, we had the opportunity to produce ourselves regularly, have good reviews and receive orders for our CD and vinyl from all around the world.

Our project:

Currently, we are composing our new album. We want to go this fall to Austin for 10 days at Cacophony Recorders studio.

The amount of CHF 18’000 includes all costs related to the studio (rent, mix, mastering …) and also the pressing of the new album on CD.

In order to achieve this second album which already promises to become epic and with a strong mystical and shamanic tendency, Black Willows needs your support.

Thank to all of you in advance!

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