Following five years of intensive concert touring, it's time for our first album. With world premiere recordings and our own arrangements the recorded works appear in a new light.

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Our Debut Album

BlattWerk’s first CD is testament to the innovation and wealth of ideas that are its trademark. In addition to the world’s first complete recording of an exisiting arrangement (Debussy), BlattWerk will record two of our own arrangements (Bartók & Ravel) and a new composition (Feldmann) for reed quintet. With the album titled ’figurations’ we present four works that underline the sonic flexibility of the ensemble and illuminate the figurative in music from various perspectives. These works are really special to us, which is why we want to share them with the world! The CD will be released in June on the Swiss label Schweizer Fonogramm.

Our Ensemble

The reed quintet BlattWerk fascinates audiences with a wealth of ideas and captivating playing! The group comprises Elise Jacoberger (bassoon), Martin Bliggenstorfer (oboe), Jonas Tschanz (saxophone), Richard Haynes and Nils Kohler (clarinet/bass clarinet). These five internationally active musicians came together in 2016 to found BlattWerk. What’s in a name? BlattWerk stands on the one hand for the harmonious interplay between the five members, on the other, emphasises the musical energy that is transmitted in performance. A whole world of sounds: BlattWerk is a reed quintet, that is, all five musicians play woodwind instruments that are made to sound with cane reeds. This incredibly flexible sound incorporates the intimacy of chamber music as well as the power of an orchestra. The ensemble’s repertoire is extremely broad: there’s room for original works for reed quintet from the last thirty years as well as new arrangements of piano and orchestral works. Beyond their work with BlattWerk the musicians make regular appearances with the Tonhalle Orchester Zurich, Berner Symphonieorchester, Philharmonia Zurich, Basel Sinfonietta, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Proton Bern, Ensemble Intercontemporain and Ensemble Musikfabrik.

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Wir brauchen Ihre Unterstützung

The costs of a professional studio recording are high and can today no longer be covered by the sale of CDs. However it’s really important to us as an ensemble to create recordings in a time when live concerts are restricted, if not forbidden. A CD also is a valuable marketing tool and marks an important early milestone in the further development of the quintet.