This film will show you some of the disadvantages of being into drugs, and the need for young people not to get into drugs. It shows the challenges some people face for coming from the same country or continent as a former drug dealer. It provides a strategy for drug addicts to quit drugs and also for sellers to stop selling. In this film you will find hatred, betrayal, selfless love and motivation for success (motivation that will change your thought to be something better).

Some Cast

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Story in Brief

Once there lived two friends (Jack and Ben) foreigners in Europe, both into music. Due to the life style of Jack and the way he makes his money (which Ben disagrees) Ben is forced to look for refuge elsewhere. He moves in with a new friend Rick (abandoned by parents) who is a drug addict, and life was cool. Later Ben decides to help Rick quit drugs. This was not an easy journey for Rick and Ben with much scarifies and challenges (like you will see in the movie). But yet they kept on until Rick completely quit drugs (lesson to all not only drug dealers). Rick decides to reunite with his family, but unfortunately Rick’s mum can’t stand the presence of a foreigner anywhere close to her family (again) claiming they got her son into drugs… (and that is the start of (the) this emotional block buster)

Message from the film

  • Motivation for you to stand for what you want and make it beyond circumstances.
  • Selfless love for one human to another (Irrespective of origin).
  • Selfless love from one human to another (Irrespective of state)
  • Fight against drug abuse
  • How to avoid drug abuse by drug addicts
  • Solution to all those involved in drugs because of unemployment
  • and many more

Some Cast

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Why should you back our project?

  • Because we are engaged, creative and professional
  • Because our project enables talents of over 6 countries to collaborate
  • Because the film has a positive message and identifies with you and everyone else
  • Because it promotes integration
  • Because it inspires you to achieve any goal you set out in life
  • and more

Your money will be used for

  • The assistance you give us will help to get all the appropriate equipment for this project; we will be able to pay some of the costs of renting the technical equipment (camera, objectives, dolly, lights, sound gadgets etc.) and of props, make-up, printing of film posters, postcard etc.
  • With your support, we will be able to complete the film in accordance with the original screenplay, and bring it to the big screen.
  • You can fund our project, starting from only CHF 21! In return for your support you will get attractive gifts such as DVDs, posters, postcards, postcard sets, your name in the credits! Also you can select whether you would like to share magic moments in the premier with us or rather see it in your own home.

Our goal is to collect a sum of CHF 14’800 in 45 days in order to have a minimal budget for material rentals, transport and catering for the cast and crew.

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