We believe that artists share a responsibility to inspire and bring people together, especially in times of crisis. That is why we have created the BOAT OF SOULS song. #badams53 #littlebigbeatstudios

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Successfully concluded on 9/5/2020

From artists, for artists

BOAT OF SOULS is a project that developed in the beginning of Covid-19. Artists were amongst the first to feel the financial setbacks caused by the pandemic. The best course of action was to mobilze artists and combine their creative efforts in composing a song. What makes this even more special is the fact that all music was recorded at home, using everything from smart phones to basic recording equipment. Material was sent in with a video and put together in the studio by Little Konzett.

This act of togetherness has proven to be inspiring and has left us with a wonderful piece of music.

Supporting artists

The song was registered as the work of 25 artists and is now available for free download. We leave the amount of any donation you may want to make entirely up to you. By donating, you are supporting artists involved in this song, as the total amount will be equally split between all participants.

Free download

The song can be downloaded on the Boat of Souls Webpage.