BOOBtiful Designs are 3-dimensional sculptures inspired by the female breast. BOOBtiful animates us to accept our bodies as they are, natural and beautiful. Simply BOOBtiful.

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Successfully concluded on 27/9/2020

Designs inspired by the female breast

Our bodies are fascinating structures. Differences in our anatomy interest me in movement, in portrayal, and by arranging comparisons. with BOOBtiful I want to motivate to remove our inhibitions and accept our bodies as they are, natural and beautiful. Simply BOOBtiful!

BOOBtiful in its details

I make casts of breasts and transform them into accurate and very detailed sculptures such as bowls (BOOBowl), vases (BOOBloom), or wall art like 3d portraits (BOOBoards). Additionally, I create natural shampoos (BOOBeauty) for all hair types in the shape of a boob.

The exact reproduction of every skin cell and all birthmarks gives every breast a unique character. All of them are BOOBtiful!

My work is not only a wonderful handicraft, but also a chance to allow women to embrace their bodies as natural, and beautiful gifts.

This is why i need your help

Materials to produce these BOOBtiful designs are not entirely cheap. Silicones, casting compounds, resin, and molding materials are used on a daily basis. Not only do I produce new objects but I also explore and invent new designs and try to minimize working steps.

With your donation, I want to finance new materials and simplify the productions to produce a series of several high-quality BOOBtiful designs in a sustainable way.