Book project Clemens Ascher

by clemens

Vienna and Berlin

This book is the first major publication of Clemens Ascher's conceptual fine art photography. A monograph, with 160 pages, published and distributed worldwide by famous publishing house Hatje Cantz.

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Successfully concluded on 17/7/2020

This is what it's all about.

Since more than seven years I have been working on a big body of work which I can now complete in a beautiful coffee table book, that will be publishes at the famous art book publisher Hatje Cantz. Unfortunately such books are really expensive to make, that’s why I ask for your support to make it happen.

And here is a small press text about the book:

The Austrian photographer Clemens Ascher (1983) is known for his conceptual staged photography and photorealistic collage works. Besides exhibiting internationally he also contributes to numerous Festivals and magazines. What might seem on the surface, like pleasing eye candy with the wink of an eye, actually negotiates some of the most relevant and distressing topics of our times. Societal control through generated desires, alienation from nature and other uncomfortable contemporary truths build the superstructure of Clemens Ascher’s surreal photography. In his work process he builds stage like scenarios and populates them with surreal figures performing their everyday life. He often utilizes an exaggerated advertising aesthetics which he contrasts with calm and detached minimalism. He is combining various styles and elements from art history and our collective visual memory to form new contemporary statements.

Since more than 7 years Ascher continues to build a world as constructed as the believe systems he satirizes. This book for the first time brings together all his best works in one mesmerizing publication.

My project is special because ...

To produce a high end coffee table - art book featuring the best of my works from the last years at the famous publishing house Hatje Cantz, is a huge opportunity for me to gain international recognition and of course to bring my works to your living room.

This is what I need backing for.

To produce such a beautiful book is unfortunately very expensive, that’s why I hop for your support to bring this dream project to life.