Borobudur – Indonesia

by Mokarag

Borobudur and Yogyakarta

Film documentary about the rescue of the largest Buddhist temple of the world, which is in danger. In November famous German scientists work together the last time with Indonesian conservators.

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Concluded on 25/10/2017

Borobudur - A Symbol of Freedom is in Danger

BluRay/DVD-Filmproject Borobudur by Momo Rabenschlag

Dear potential sponsors,

I would like to produce a documentary film about Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, which is currently in danger. You can find the topic proposal, which I have sent to the broadcasting companies, in the annex.

Some editors have been were interested, but unfortunately no one was able to invest money because the budget of almost every editorial office was reduced. And therefore, currently only primarily local issues are demanded.

It is now the last time, that the very significant scientists work in Borobudur. And so it is the last chance in this context to make a film about the preservation of the temple.

For this reason, I plan now to produce a movie on this subject that appears on DVD and BluRay (in full HD). I have prepared a small movie - only with photos (I don’t have shootet in Indonesia yet) and statements of the scientists who are working at Borobudur (unfortunately only in German). This film should show the importance, but also the beauty of this unique building and hopefully arouses your interest.

The reason why I’m offering this subject so late, is that the next conservation campaign in Borobudur should have started already in September (when I unfortunately didn’t have time to take part). Due to a visit of Borobudur by an Indonesian Government representative the date now was moved to November (when I have time to shoot as well)

Together with the scientists who are working now at Borobudur I have produced already two documentaries in Angkor (Cambodia):

«Project Angkor - the Rescue of a Temple City « (WDR - «countries people adventures») and « Opening the Eyes - Inscriptions as Gateway to the Gods» (for UNESCO)

Borobudur - A Symbol of Freedom is in Danger

The detailed description of the topic you can find in the attached pdf-file. (erster Teil deutsch, second part in english).

This is what I need backing for.

I don’t want to earn money with the production of this documentary, but I also want to make no debt. In the course of production (approximately 4 months) I will shoot in Indonesia, then - again in Germany - I will edit the film, prepare all the graphics, the film-title, the end-credits , finally write the film-text, make the voice recording etc. During this time, I probably still have to eat and drink from time to time, have to pay my rent and other running costs, and of course assume the costs for travel and accommodation a.o.. Only for this I want to use the money.