This is what it's all about.

BOUTCHOO is a new brand of 100% healthy, environmentally friendly nappies and baby care products, sold on a subscription basis throughout Switzerland. BOUTCHOO is also a totally innovative concept that will allow all of our subscribers to receive other essential baby products at home through the diaper subscription system.

Once subscribed, parents will indeed be able to add to subscriptions on a one-off or regular basis as needed, other essential products for babies, from existing brands, such as baby formula, physiological serum, safety cotton swabs, dummies that can be adjusted as baby grows, sunscreen at the start of summer, babygrows, anti-UV clothing and more. All the products that baby needs on a recurring basis in the first years of life. No more running around to different stores to find what you need. At BOUTCHOO, you will find everything in one place and we deliver everything to you for free at home!

All products sold on the BOUTCHOO website will be selected on the basis of testing by umbrella consumer and media associations to ensure that only the best baby products are offered, that are completely healthy but also preserve at best the environment. At BOUTCHOO, we look for the best baby products to offer our subscribers. We want transparency when it comes to our products: we want to know what’s inside and where it comes from!

The tests we use to choose products will be listed on our website, so that parents can check the detailed results and learn more about why we have chosen a specific product. BOUTCHOO will consolidate baby product news on its website for its subscribers.

BOUTCHOO nappies are guaranteed 100% absorbent, healthy, environmentally friendly and contain 0% toxic materials. The nappies will be tested once a year by an independent laboratory and the results will be published on our website. A healthy nappy is a necessity, but a leak-free one is even better – especially for your baby’s little bottom! Each month, you’ll receive a delivery of nappies to your door containing 7 packs. You can choose how often to receive deliveries (every 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks) as well as a delivery time slot to make sure you’re home when your package arrives. Is your baby between sizes? No problem! At BOUTCHOO, you can mix the sizes in your order. As soon as we can, BOUTCHOO will also be offering subscribers the option to choose the pattern(s) on the nappies.

Our care products will be made in Switzerland (liniment, moisturising cream and cleansing gel). Their packaging will be bio-based, meaning that plastic will be made from renewable natural raw materials, not fossil fuels (100% sugar cane residues). Our products will also have the highest standard European organic certification. Our BOUTCHOO square cotton pads will be GOTS certified. This standard guarantees that textiles are organic at every stage of the process, from harvesting raw materials to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing and labelling, giving customers a guarantee they can trust. Our wipes will be composed of 98.9% water, biodegradable and can be used from birth!

What’s more, BOUTCHOO is also and above all a community of parents who share the same values, and who all want the best for their baby. That’s why we also want to organise various events for our BOUTCHOO members, such as workshops on positive parenting and much more, where we can meet, discuss and share experiences!

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My project is special because ...

Most parents have very busy, active lives and don’t always have time to look for the best product for their baby. BOUTCHOO is here to take care of that and give parents the transparency that can be sorely lacking when it comes to buying baby products. BOUTCHOO exists to support parents and guide them in their choices.

We also wish to relieve mothers of the all too common mental burden. When you have children and a job, you have to think of everything – and get the timings right. With our subscription system, BOUTCHOO hopes to offer all mothers the comfort of receiving essential products at home, automatically and free of stress.

Finally, BOUTCHOO is above all a community of parents who share the same values and want to make things happen!

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This is what I need backing for.

Launching a new nappy brand is expensive. That’s why your support is so valued. Supporting our campaign shows that you, too, want more transparency in the world of baby products. A large part of the funding needed has been found, but we still need a final push to get the ball rolling.

Below are the stages for funding the project:

  • 30,000: nappy production launched for sizes 1 to 5. The subscription system can be set up along with the sale of baby formula. Over time, products such as dummies and sunscreen will be brought in once they have been carefully selected.

  • 70,000 : production launched of size 6 nappies for older infants!

  • 110,000 : production launched of our 100% healthy, certified biodegradable and natural origin wipes composed of 98.9% water. Ready to use from birth, naturally!

  • 180,000 : production launched of our 100% made in Switzerland care products! Certified natural origin, COSMOS ORGANIC and VEGAN with bio-based packaging.

It would be a huge success for us to reach stage 1 with 30,000 donated!

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