Our motivation and the project

First of all, we love dancing, experimenting, we love making music and we love our profession. Also we love You :-) The great «Public» watching us from a safe dark place. But actually in this case NOT :-) We would like to break down the fourth wall between the spectator and the performer.

Unity. One space, one goal.

Our dance-music-performance is dealing with the attitude of «competition» and «collaboration». Basically it is a physical and «e-motional» ;-) reflection on our current society, politics and economy. The project is titled: BREAK OUT because we would like to break out from our everyday life! On stage there will be three dancers and one musician, who are exploring the respect inside the Hip-Hop community in contradiction to their battling competitions* (Cat in Amsterdam)

What do you think about respect in our competing society?… does it make you think about collaboration and supporting our project? We hope your answer is a big YES :-)

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Our goal

…is to entertain our crowd and deliver to them a smart, powerful dance performance. Reach out to new audiences. Maximise the number of performances we can carry out and find new places domestic and international, to perform in.

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How we work?

So we will seat the audience around just like in the Breakdance Battles. We are inspired by the current HIP-HOP culture (Cat in Battle in Tokyo). Therefore we will select movements from Breakdance and we will be Battling with each other.

We work with responsive live music: « The music of Break Out is dealing with this approach from a different perspective. Contemporary improvised music in use of Hip Hop Samples as its source Material for live Looping.» – Gammon. The music will be composed and performed by Gammon. He is a long term collaborator of our previous dance works.

Here you can see one of the dance projects we created with him: Home Parkour

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Why do we need your contribution and help?

Since we stand for a true democratic culture we would like to perform in venues run by artists like Tabak Fabrik Linz, Choreographic Center Burgenland,MOE or Im Flieger Wien. We are looking for unusual venues and flexible tour options, such as «Cultural Youth Houses», «Gym Halls» «Open air locations».

Even the generous support from MA7 Vienna & BKA will not cover all our expenses. So with your contribution we can reach all our goals.

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How can you support us ?

It’s easy! Support us with any small or bigger amount. We will be very happy for your support ;-) and honouring you with our presents. If you love our presents you even can buy more units ;-)

You shall be part of our Break Out!

What YOU can get ?

You will get news, images, dance lessons, free entrance to the performances and you will be invited as a VIP for the After Party. Further, we even offer dance performances or dance workshops for YOUR private or public event ;-)

Would you like to hang this picture in your room?

You can get a photo from – so called: stencil art – of your choice in high resolution A/4, A/3, A/0. The hidden text, what makes this captured image so special is: «When the love of power overcomes the power of love, the world will know peace» – Jimi Hendrix

Soll dieses Bild in deinem Zimmer hängen?

Du erhältst ein ein «Stencil Art» in high resolution im Format – A/4, A/3, A/0. Der Text, der sich in diesem Bild verbirgt lautet: «When the love of power overcomes the power of love, the world will know peace» – Jimi Hendrix