What does Brexit mean for musicians? Portrayed in their bedrooms, they candidly told me about their fears, thoughts and dreams. These will now be turned into a photography book.

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The project

What started as a pitch to the Rolling Stone Magazine and a few initial interviews in 2019 is now taking on a life of its own.

In 2019, the consequences of Brexit for musicians were not yet tangible. The project «Brexit Bedrooms» started with the idea to document the possible challenges for musicians. The pandemic hit, the feature in Rolling Stone was stopped and the project stood still.

The pandemic allowed an insight into what Brexit might look like: Tours halted and fees dropped. During the withdrawal negotiations in early 2021, it became clear that the government didn’t really consider touring musicians and their crews: In future, visas will have to be applied for individually for all EU and Schengen countries. Because Covid restrictions mean these new visa regulations have not yet been put into practice, many questions remain unanswered. Nevertheless, the prospects that the Brexit poses are frustrating, if not scary, not only for musicians and bands starting out, but also for those who have bigger gigs and attention throughout Europe.

26 musicians welcomed me into the personal space of their bedrooms, had their portrait taken and candidly spoke about their frustrations, their fears and thoughts on Brexit. The aim of this book is to shed light on the potential drastic consequences for the music industry.

In the book:

Ajimal, Art School Girlfriend, Black Honey, Calluna, Douglas Dare, Drugstore Romeos, Effie, George Cosby, Grandmas House, Harvey Grant/Kerala Dust, IDER, Legss, MarthaGunn, Sophie Jamieson, Superego, Whenyoung

The book & release

The project will be published as a limited and numbered edition in the form of a photo book. The book design by Sarah Kahn underlines the anxiety and uncertainty, but also the potential of the musicians.

The book will be published on March 19, 2022. There will be two occasions:

19 March 2022, The George Tavern, Commercial Road, London. 8 April 2022, Fabian and Claude Walter Gallery, Rämistrasse, Zurich

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