Support us with the release of our first album!

Hey! You just made the first step into our future, thank you already for this! With time, with many circumstances, strained nerves, lots of sweat and even blood we’re now finally standing at the junction in front of our big project! We will release our very first album with 12 own songs! For this we need your support, but you’ll get rewarded for it! Exclusive goodies are waiting for you! Support us & get rewarded!

Who we are

We are Bright Lights from the central part of Switzerland. Together we’re playing since more than a year on local stages and we’re ready to take a big step further. Up from the ashes of former constellations, our formation has been unchanged since a bit more than 3 years. We were fortunate to gather experience through our gigs and we always try to improve our skills. Now we need your support!

  • Vocals: Silvio Costa
  • Lead Guitar: Ricardo Campos
  • Rhythm Guitar: Christoph Waser
  • Bass: Ralph Krienbühl
  • Drums: Luca Della Zoppa

In a classical formation of 5 we play fast, hard and typical Punk Rock and Pop Punk, on the other hand there are calmer and more serious parts we implement. Some things are important for us no matter what, namely Fun, authenticity and a little bit of self-irony.

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What we want

Some time passed until we decided that we wanted more. To achieve our goal we will leave our rehearsal room and head to Aargau to record our first album at SOS Basement studio. We are all looking forward to this demanding and meaningful time. Right now we got our hands full with preparations since an album shouldn’t only be good but something special. We know that we’ll have to give it all and we’re ready for it!

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Here and now

This is our first video to our song «Here and Now» which is one of the songs that made it on the list. Furthermore we’re very lucky to be able to work with a great photographer and director in the future, so we’re definitely going to release at least one more clip.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.

Support us! – And get your goodies

With this Crowdfunding come some goodies and neat opportunities! Profit from our special prices only during this funding and help us out for a good cause. There’s a long way to go but it starts just now. We will give regular updates about how things are working out for us.

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Where we stand

Right now we’re still rehearsing, working things out and optimize lyrics and generally all songs. There’s a lot of work behind creating an album including artwork, design, release, gigs etc. We are ready to get there and are eager for finally hit the studio! We’re also looking forward to your support as every «Franken» counts! You’re not only treating yourself with the special rewards on this site, you’ll have a place on our wall forever!
Thank you all & rock on!