This is what it's all about.

Fascinated by the musical spirit of the 60s and 70s, these ten musicians set out on a mission to bring funk back to the country’s radio stations. Their songs range from energetic guitar riff-driven bangers, to soulful soul ballads, to empowerment songs with relevant political messages. Through the cultural blend of individuals from all over the world, Byrd allowed their different musical backgrounds and the warmth of the analog sound of the past to merge into a cohesive whole. Especially live, they impress with a large portion of authentic, handmade music that makes ones legs itch for dancing. To say it with James Brown’s words: ’The one thing that can solve most of your problems is dancing.’ So: Shake it ’til you break it, because we know who’s the healer.

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Our project is special because ...

It helps resurrect old school soul & funk music, delighting the world with good mood, love and positive energy. The final product will consist of 6 original songs, two of which will be pressed on 7 inch vinyl and released as «The Early Byrd Special». Each song captures a different feeling, taking the listeners on a journey back in time and evoking a multitude of emotions as the needle moves further. The EP will be accompanied by various goodies such as T shirts, posters, tote bags, private concerts and many more! Your help will support this project and make one of our biggest dreams come true!

This is what I need backing for.

In order to reach our goal and release a super stanky album during such difficult times, we need to reach a target of 5000 euros. Therefore, every cent counts! The money will be allocated towards album mixing, mastering, vinyl pressing, designs and merchandise. We have invested a lot of hard work into this EP and hence, will forever be grateful for your support!

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