It's icicle time at the C-LAB...By Lena Lapschina, on 21/12/2017 19:29


Dear my wonderful backers! Dear friends!! It’s now several months since we jointly produced this wonderful success on wemakeit, which in fact is the foundation stone of the whole C-LAB thing. So, some news: Construction work will start as soon as winter is over. If you feel you are ready to lend a helping hand, just let me know :-) Rewards have been handed over to some of you, e.g. the etchings. Ephi served a delicious meal at a very special Meet-the-artist-meet-and-eat mini-event. The twenty-five surprises will be next – I’ll hand-pick and pack and deliver them as soon as possible. 2018 will be a wonderful year! I wish you all the best! Tchin-tchin!!!

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Mitzimai, it indeed would have been a miracle if you already found a C-LAB when it is still in project stage. Please be patient … and we'll anyway meet in spring for your rewards!
Dear Lena, I was at Rappolz in October but couldn't find the house where C-LAB is said to be started. As I will go to the Waldviertel in spring again I really want to take a look at the house - it is not necessary that someone is present, I just want to see the house from outside. Thank you - CU ... in Waldviertel or anywhere :-)

Carpe diem: Only one more day! (Hugs and kisses for my wonderful backers!)By Lena Lapschina, on 29/6/2017 11:11


Wow! We made it!!! Still several hours left, though, so call all your friends and plunder the rewards as long as they are here. The next x-mas season is just around the corner, and your BFF’s wedding, a birthday, a farewell party for a colleague, etc. I’d personally recommend the «99+1 hand-pressed invites», since nowhere in this galaxy you can get such unique stuff for so little money. @mywonderfulbackers: I’ll email you as soon as I get the necessary data from wemakeit, to discuss a convenient hand-over of your reward. Some nicks are really too hard to decipher :-) First and foremost: Please stay in contact. Several times a year I publish new projects at where you also find editions of e.g. photography or neon work. They ALWAYS will enhance your private or corporate premises! Salut, Lena

You are the greatest crowd in the universe!By Lena Lapschina, on 20/6/2017 09:16

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My beautiful friends, you are the greatest crowd in the universe! We’ve reached the 12k milestone – now our destination is already in sight! I’ve uploaded a number of goodies, hideaways, art stuff, and services, all from the totally-out-of-this-planet range! If you need something even more special, just send me a PM! And if you know somebody who hasn’t joined the list of my supporters yet, just tell them that they have never been in such an illustrious company! Yours truly, Lena