C-LAB – a cultural laboratory !

It’s such a quiet, such an inspiring place! I’m dreaming of a «cultural laboratory» at the edge of Waldviertel.

Together with a wonderful young team, each one brilliant in her/his discipline, I’m attempting to transform a centuries-old farmhouse into a venue where future can happen. From architects to engineers, from app-developers to farmers, from philosophers to visual artists – it’s the full range of knowledge which is culminating in C-LAB! And which shall make for a cool, relevant place on this planet.

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The C-LAB project is special because ...

C-LAB shall be a workshop where ideas are let grow into concepts, and concepts into prototypes. Where you participate in a forum, contribute to a hackathon, or enjoy art exhibitions. Where various «— in residence» programs can happen. And by letting artificial intelligence and super-low-tech collide, C-LAB will establish itself as a demo unit for next-gen, sustainability-driven smart life. Naturally we are also committed to practicing organic rural gardening on site.

The location – C-LAB is situated in the pittoresque village Rappolz – is within driving distance from Vienna. So, see you there as often as possible!

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This is what I need backing for.

To make this a cool and safe place, we now urgently need to fix the roof, renew the pipes for drinking water, and install all new electric wires. And we have to excavate and rebuild the earthen floor of the former cows’ sleeping place from the ground up, in order to literally make room for forums and bootcamps and exhibitions, and for artists and scientists in residence.

So, this is where the 15,000 from the wemakeit fundraiser go. Additional support has been donated by close friends. By the way (needless to say): My team members and myself are all working pro bono publico :-)

Now I hope you’ll find a reward which is really pleasing you! There are bigger ones and smaller ones, sophisticated ones and crazy ones to choose from… You’ll find something for yourself, your friend, your partner, your family, your kids. And if you also run a company, you’ll be very glad to see these very special experiences I’ve created for you! At checkout, you proudly present your name or remain totally anonymous – you decide! Please choose your prizes today and let the adventure begin!