Call me back – Album Project

by James Rogers


«Call me back», my new album, will be released on cd and will include an artistic book with lyrics, pictures and poems. I collect for this vision.

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This is what it's all about.

In February 2023 my new album CALL ME BACK will be released in the form of CD and a limited art book version. I need your support to realize this heart’s vision.

The album deals above all with life itself, which has revealed itself to me in a very intimate way in many forms and countless faces. Call me back is an expression of the human longing for belonging and meaning and at the same time the search for an inner home. With a total of eight new songs, the album offers a sound journey through magical worlds and countries and invites you to dream and feel yourself.

The pieces delve into the theme of impermanence and remind us of the connection to the cosmos and the earth that we all too often forget. But the game of duality also comes into play here.

The songs are all arranged by me. Each instrument as well as the vocals are personally recorded by me and so the whole album is a profound expression of my soul and heart.

The wisdom immanent to me and the love that lives in my being now shine in each of these pieces and would like to invite you to dream and to rediscover yourself again and again.

My project is special because ...

In addition to a CD, there will be a poetic songbook containing lyrics and poems as well as pictures from my life. With a simple QR code you can download the full album online and be taken on a journey with all your senses.

This is what I need backing for.

Significant costs are incurred for the production of the album and the printing of the CDs, records and the art book. So I am very happy if you support me! Every contribution is a gift!

  • Studio recordings
  • Design
  • Printing and pressing the CD’s
  • Printing of the artist book
  • technical equipment
  • Mixing and mastering of the tracks

So far I have financed most of the production at my own expense. Now I still need 5.000€. So I need your support!