Funny, sad, bloody, exciting, abysmal, radioactive. These are the ingredients of CANCEROGEN an epic familiydrama in 80 minutes. This is our feature film debut – support us now!

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37-year old Ismus Strohm is about to marry the daughter of his new boss, Lionell Eigenspender. The future family happiness seems perfect, when suddenly the Eigenspender family becomes the victim of a horrible crime – committed by Partikelfilter, a terrorist who has been threatening the family for a while.

From now on, Ismus is chasing the villain. The journey leads him up to the highest mountains and into the abysmal past of the Eigenspenders.


We are two young and ambitious filmmakers, who found each other in primary school and have been producing short films ever since. The script for CANCEROGEN was written over the course of a year. It is our most our ambitious project to date.


Filming will begin in February 2014 and end in April. Post-production is to conclude in summer 2014. The length of the film will be approx 80 minutes.

The cast consists of experienced actors who are just as ambitious as we are. The lead roles are played by Daniel Mouton (theatre director), Anna Frey and Florian Stoffner (musicians). They all work without salary, fully convinced of the project.

The script of CANCEROGEN leads into an abysmal parallel world with obvious similarities to our reality. Its action-packed plot leads the spectator into the Alps, revealing social satire and subtle humor.

This headstrong movie will polarize and excite the audience. It will thrill with great action scenes. It will be different. Like no other contemporary film.


CANCEROGEN is a no-budget-project. Our goal is it to produce a convincing and entertaining movie with a minimal budget. Necessary expenses (for example for travel+board of the actors) are to be covered by raising money on

We look forward to bringing a fresh breeze into the young Swiss film scene - together with you!