Caroline Alves' Debut Album

by Caroline Alves


After a year of writing and recording work, I would like to present this new project : «Moonlight», my debut album. Thanks to you, we will make it !

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Successfully concluded on 5/6/2020

«An impressive voice - dark, mystical and alluring - that will leave you astonished.»

I’m Caroline Alves, a young artist from Brazil and Biel/Bienne. I discovered my passion for music when I was 14, taught myself music and started to compose my own very unique and intimate tracks.

After a year of playing in the streets, I started to discover the Swiss stages and festivals and released my first EP, ’Unbound, in 2017. In an electro-indie/electro-soul style, the project was produced in Biel by the New York musician, producer and Grammy-award winner Jeremy Mage.

In March 2018, I had the honour of being nominated for the finals of the Demotape Clinic at the m4music festival. As a result, my main songs «Unbound» and «Freedom» were on rotation on national radio stations.

This first project opened many doors for me: beautiful stages such as Festi’Neuch, Gurten Festival, Les Docks, Les Créatives Festival, La Rodia and many others. It also gave me the opportunity to collaborate with famous Swiss artists such as Manillio, Sim’s and Dr.Mo.

So, it’s time to continue on this path and build a new project!


The first single of my next project, ’Mamasaya’,written in a rather dark but cheerful atmosphere, was a great success with the public and national radios,

The song deals with the theme of feeling disoriented and needing help by using expressive images of confrontation with yourself… and I decided to invent a word for its beautiful musical sound.

This debut-album revolves around the same theme: difference and loneliness. Moreover, the universe that is explored in this project is that of the melancholic feelings of the night.

Thanks to your help, this project will see the light and we will be able to ensure an excellent promotion and diffusion!

For you and thanks to you !

After this period of crisis, I hope to see you all again to share my music and to spend a good time together!

I am a self-taught artist and started music for the pleasure of discovering, learning and expressing myself. I am launching this We Make It because, being a student and independent, it is difficult to finance a whole project on my own. Any help is precious !

Releasing an album is a moment I am very looking forward to.

Take care,

Caroline Alves