More than just cars. Our benchmark is entertainment and humour. We don't care too much about technical terminology, we care more about fun. Without forgetting some romantic stuff either.


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Concluded on 8/1/2021

A different way to review cars. And live them.

I’ve learned many things about the car industry and yes, there are quite a lot of good reviewers on the Youtube. Nobody would say anything different from that, it would be crazy.

But they’re way too technical and very often forget to entertain the public, which is also composed of normal people with basical knowledge about cars.

We want to create a new kind of show : less clips, better quality. It’s all about how good the entertainment is and how much did people laugh while watching our content.

By the way, we will make some other cool stuff to. For cars whose historical heritage is important, we will create some romantic videos to help you fall in love with them. Especially for italian and british cars from the 60s and early 70s.

That’s why I know my show will be much more famous than anybody would think !

Not another boring review.

Humor is a lifestyle. And we take care about it in a world that seems to be much more sad than it should.

We want to share with you our capacities of making other people laugh and enjoy some good time.

This is why we need your help.

It’s quite difficult to start being competitive and making good content without a proper filming material.

We need better cameras and some external microphones for better video and audio quality. Then, we need some money to create an intro and a cool logo for our channel. Last but not least, we need some money for marketing purposal, to grow up fast.

That won’t be possible without your help, we need that amount of money to get started. The Youtube channel exists already, we just need to boost our project with your help!