This is what it's all about:

George recently laid down 17 new songs in German, recorded in Geneva and in Berlin. Produced by Andreas Albrecht, Berlin, they now need to be packaged and sent out into the world…

Topics: Loss, treachery, forgiveness, hope and dog - and the Corona turning point.

Musical universe: J.J. Cale, Dylan-Cohen-Waits, Real-book-Jazz-Standards, country-blues - i.e. George Leitenberger plays jawharp, vox, electric and acoustic guitar, melodica, banjo and mouthharp, accompanied by cherished colleagues such as Roddy McKinnon (acoustic and electric guitar), Klaus Eichberger (keys), Clarissa Mo (double-bass and vox), Tobias Fleischer (electric bass), Sebastian Pietsch (tenor sax), Nora Beisel (vox), Andreas Albrecht (percussion, vox).

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Recordings are now even more important...

In my business, nothing is as it used to be. Live-shows, radio-shows, everything’s a bit written in the stars. Therefore it’s even more important to be present with recordings. CDs and vinyls are old-school, and have nice booklets, and are actually listened to, not only clicked and consumed. George’s last 2 CDs were nominated fo the German record critics’ award :-)

Hopefully very very soon we can catch up again, live and for real!


This is what I need your backing for.

I was able to invest in the song recordings, but now this crowdfunding will enable me to press the CDs, develop the graphic design, and promote the CD. Your backing will contribute to job preservation in numerous cultural fields.

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