The CD

Vienna has always been home to musicians from all over the globe, who came with the baggage of their own musical cultures and influences. With the CD #onthemove, Ukrainian violinist Vira Zhuk and Georgian pianist Mariam Vardzelashvili will pay an homage to both, the city of Vienna and their homelands. The duo chose F. Schubert as the quintessential Viennese composer, who absorbed and re-worked the vocal city folklore. Two major works- his first big piece for violin and piano, the A major ’Grand Duo’ and the late monumental ’Fantasy’ show the full palette of Schubert’s expressive colors.

A fine example of violin/piano repertoire is the ’Dedication’ by the living classic of Ukrainian music Y. Stankovych. As a young composer Stankovich embraced cutting edge and almost provocative compositional techniques of the time, only to return to tonal, lied-like melancholic musical language, echoing the nostalgic Ukrainian vocal folklore.

E. Chabashvili is a prominent female Georgian composer of the young generation. Her style is poetic, theatrical and sits on the crossroads of different arts. Georgian performance scene has long been dominated by female musicians. A powerful woman composer fits naturally within the tradition.

B. Gander has established himself as an important figure in the contemporary Austrian musical life with his powerful, dynamic and electric musical language. His music shows the modern, 21st century energy of Vienna, the power and the potential of the city. The ’Prophecy’ sounds almost as a semi-improvised live set of a hip DJ in a high-quality electronic music club.


The essence

#onthemove is a unique blend of music from Vienna, Ukraine and Georgia. It expresses both the diversity and the unity of the three cultures and explores through music the modern-day phenomenon of constantly being #onthemove.

Project Description

What we already have: collaboration with the Viennese label redpmusic recording studio with a flawless grand piano a CD release concert

You will help to fund: the recording and editing processes printing and production costs

We hope that we can get #onthemove together!

Photos by © Chrismasto