This Tracks will be on the sound carrier: 

To get and create professional tracks in genre experimental-pop at least we expose intensively with our music and we hope we thrill someone.

  1. Different
  2. I Thought
  3. The Way Home
  4. The World Is Bleeding
  5. Strawberry Chocolate Cheese Cake
  6. I Wish You
  7. How It Could Be
  8. Time Goes Past
  9. Engage Ourselves Elsewhere
  10. Take A Seat
  11. Change Change Change
  12. Leave It Back Behind
  13. Believe In It
  14. What Is The Charge
  15. The Time Is Ripe
  16. Time To Think
  17. You Need Your Dreams
  18. Out Of Borders


BlackBox Lab – a part of BlackBox Art + Culture – supported the musical, experimental, artistic work of Parasit and Superfreak with demo-CD productions. About 2’500 minutes of improvised experimental music had been recorded.

Newestage – Now:

In June Fabian Suter will present the pop-experimental-project as a part of an exhibition at Kunstraum Aarau. «Now» ist independent, it doesn’t really fit in a schema and it deals with textes what match our Zeitgeist. The themes are environment, responsibility, terror, charity and self-reflection.

Why should I be a part of the finance?

  • To finish this project in a professional way it is necessary to get a master of all the tracks. This work we would like to leave to an adept professional. For that we need your support.
  • We would like to produce the amount of 500 CD’s, printing costs included. For that we need your support.