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After our first completely self-produced CD in 2023, we are already in the middle of working on a planned new edition. This time we want to approach things more professionally.

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CD Production

Producing a CD is still a big step for musicians. Even simple production costs a lot of money. Recording, mixing, mastering, pressing, producing are just some of the fixed points in such a project. But the good thing about our project is that it is already making progress! The songs have already been recorded. At home in the living room! With simple but almost professional technology we were able to record song after song, track after track. Thanks to our friend Sanju, our great technical partner, who has been mixing live at our concerts for some time now, we already have all the songs in the can. Now it’s time to get down to the details: editing, mixing, mastering, cover design and everything else… A lot of time and, above all, money still needs to be invested until the finished product will hopefully be in front of us! We have written many wonderful new songs of our own in the last few months and you will be able to hear them on our finished CD! There won’t be any cover songs this time! Yvonne was - as usual - responsible for the strong lyrics and basics, while we worked on the musical finesses together until everything fit together. We also want to have a simple but professional video produced that we can then use for advertising purposes. Because as you can see here, our visual advertising is still in its early stages…


Our music gives us everything! We live for it! The feedback from our concert visitors confirms that we are on the right track!

This is what I need backing for.

Our sound engineer Sanju supports us during the production with his know-how, his technology and everything else that is needed so that the result is ultimately convincing. Fortunately, we were already able to reward him with a little from our concert fund, but unfortunately this is far from enough. Of course, the entire CD still has to be produced. Even if we do as much of it ourselves as possible, the costs still add up. We also want to have a small but good (promotional) video produced for a song. Of course, this also requires some additional investment!