The compositions, of different instrumental formations, are recorded and presented for the first time on a single CD. The young talents and the internationally renowned soloists will play songs that for the required virtuosity and the sweetness of the melodies fully enhance the artistic and technical sensibilities of the musicians.


The SEDUISANTES EMOTIONS CD is a very special album.

The musical style combines the «jazzy» feeling with the classical European music and combines, with skill, the great Italian melodic tradition, the French impressionism and the rhythmic intensity of American music. The combination of all these features make the CD SEDUISANTES EMOTIONS a very special album that will satisfy the listening of both the passionate and the musician in search of a new instrumental repertoire.


Your contribution is important and essential for the realization of the SEDUISANTES EMOTIONS CD.

The funds raised, thanks to your support, will be used for the production of the disc, also giving the opportunity to introduce young talents and educate them in their artistic career.

Costs include:

  • Instrumental tests of ensembles
  • Piano tuning
  • Audio set up and recording studio tests.
  • Recording in the studio.
  • Mixing and editing audio or audio.
  • Duplication, printing, SIAE filing and SIAE purchase
  • (AUDIO CD printed in screen printing, HQ ISO scanning with verification, Jewel box with transparent tray, Booklet printed in digital 4x12 4/4 color process, application of stickers both before cellophane and single cellophane.
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