16 shows - 1 Cello!

This is what’s it all about:

«Cello On Fire» is a Cross Over Music Show with Viennese Cellist Peter Hudler featuring a carefully curated program taken from the successful Solo-Project «Caleidocello».

We need your support to fill as many seats as possible in 16 solo performance shows with Viennese cellist Peter Hudler at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 with the help of a small but highly motivated team!

From August 2nd to 27th there will be altogether 16 one hour long shows in a small and charming church (St.Columba’s by the Castle) in the centre of the old town of Edinburgh and right beneath the impressive castle. There are 80 seats per show and they will all be filled this year!

Peter and the Team are responsible for selling the tickets themselves, by Flyering, Talking to People on the streets, organizing Street Events, Press Work etc.


The Edinburgh Fringe is

  • the biggest Arts Festival in the world (with over 30.000 shows last year!)
  • a creative and open event with millions of visitors from all over the world.
  • a great opportunity to present original and creative work.
  • a fantastic chance for artists to present themselves internationally.


But all this comes at a price. The artists and their Teams have to pay for travels, living, marketing and rent of the venue themselves. Box office income just covers a fraction of these costs.

This is why we ask for your help! Support us with a donation and we thank you with

  • exclusive presents
  • direct insights into the world’s biggest festival with regular updates
  • tickets to the show!

This project is special because ...

Peter took part already in 2017 with a very successful first run at the Edinburgh Fringe that sold almost 1000 tickets and made many people happy:

«I highly recommend this show - Peter is genuine, humble, passionate and seriously talented. I felt really moved listening to a couple of the pieces - hair on the back of your neck stuff.» (Laura)

«This was a wonderful performance!! Such great pieces played so originally and brilliantly. Whether you like / heard the cello before, try this!! You will not regret it, highly recommended. An hour of wonderful music played in a beautiful setting, thank you for a prefect hour!» (Gerard)

Also the press gave good reviews:

Three Weeks: «A welcoming performer, he embraced his audience with his artistry and exciting repertoire.»

The Herald: «Impressive cross-bowing, percussive attack with both bow and fingers, sweetly produced harmonics and strong chordal playing add to the variety of unamplified sounds».

This year will be even more exiting, with a brand new burning program and some real highlights:

  • Internationally known cellist Svante Henryson wrote a piece especially for the Fringe: «Xanthous» for Solo Cello!
  • crazy renditions of Rock classics like Helter Skelter and Little Wing, all on just one Cello!
  • unbelievably beautiful Baroque pearls by «Italian Bach» Joseph-Marie-Clément Dall’Abaco

This is what we need backing for.

  • renting the venue: 1500 EUR
  • registration fee: 450 EUR
  • technician: 200 EUR
  • extra Helping Hands (Flyering): 450 EUR
  • Marketing (Flyers, Posters, Online, printed ads): 1000 EUR

SUM: 3600 EUR

travel expenses will be paid by the Austrian Cultural Forum London. Thank you!

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