With your help the very first community health center in Thun is going to open its doors on January 17th 2021. Here everything is about growing together, move, nutrition, healing and sustainability.

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The new health center for all

What if there existed a place in Thun, where you are always welcome?

What if you were understood there, without adjusting yourself?

What if you knew of a place where people teach you how to heal yourself and how to help others as well with your personal skills?

What if likeminded people come together and get conscious about A) how many things out there are destroying nature and our health and B) how there is an abundance of tools that actually exist to help our environment and our own health?

What if there could be ONE place where so many different services are offered for consciousness, health, movements, nutrition and sustainability that you would want to participate every single workshop?

What if you could have a place you reach out to if you or your family members are not feeling well?


Then the Center Xung macht Yung is finally open!

What Xung macht Yung is standing for

Very soon we open the doors into our new world:

Our goal is that not only humans are happy, free and healthy, but that our environment is at the same time. That there is harmony between humans, nature, animals and all beings.

If disease, no matter how intense, is there, we view this to be caused by a poor flow of energy. If everything flows, we’re fine. Because every person has individual needs, maybe other blockages, sorrows and problems, we offer a wide range of solutions which you can flexibly choose from. So we make sure you can have your best health and your flow back in the way which suits you.

Here you get an insight in our services:

  • Cooking classes (healthy, of course)
  • Character building
  • Outdoor sports (in groups or as an individual)
  • Meditations
  • Pranic healing treatments & classes
  • Arhatic Yoga (self-development)
  • Workshops
  • Nutrition coachings
  • Community events
  • Sustainability talks
  • Intuitive readings & angel pictures
  • Guided active holiday weeks
  • Brunches, meals & potlucks

… a place where everything’s about your personal development and you can really choose & participate in whatever resonates with you.

In the goods we offered some brand-new and very exclusive services and products. Maybe, who knows, we will standardize them one day .

Please note! Some of the goodies and perks are only available for people living in Switzerland. We marked them with a CH at the beginning of the description so you know. If you’re from outside of Switzerland, you can choose a few goodies and perks or donate any amount you like.

Information: the currency shown is Swiss Francs (CHF). This is almost equal to USD.

Your support is very much worth it

So that everyone – from young to old age – feels comfortable, we do our best to make the whole renovation as sustainable and natural as possible. Because we try to avoid plastics, chemicals and mass production, and support our local businesses, we need your support. With your help we can furnish the center with the right fourniture, equipment, devices and filters so nature doesn’t suffer.

If you ever had a renovation and you wanted to look after doing this consciously and sustainable, you certainly know what we mean..

We know that the very first step for a better future starts with ourselves. With your support you help us, that we can do it as natural & responsibly as we would love to do it. #weneedyou

«If you take care of the world, the world will take care of you.» - Master Choa Kok Sui