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Electro Metal at its finest

There are moments in life where you should reach for the stars. One of these moments is now – and with your help, we want to reach beyond the stars.

«If we want to advance, we have to evolve» with this statement we created an Idea for a LP Production. We achived, learned and experienced so much since our founding in October 2013. From the best moments, which every band member can dream of to the hardest times, which always brought something new to learn. Chase the Pancake is no longer just a hobby, it’s a family. A family that never leaves the fallen behind. Of course we want to help others with our music, just like it helped us. In the winter of 2015 we were able to carry out the «Pancakes for Christmas»-Tour and we managed to collect about 4500.- Swiss francs for the reconstruction of schools in the Philippines. Now we want to dare the first step to our band future and record a LP, which everyone of us and our fans deserve. A LP filled with all our energy, all our creativity and everything that we are.


That’s the plan

We managed to get a date for our studio recording at SOS Basement, Oberentfelden in January/February 2017. This was the earliest possible date we could get. But that should be more of an advantage. This means enough time to improve our songs, to make them shorter or longer and to put new elements in it.

Live & Loud

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A winner is you! – Rewards CTP Style

Even you should carry on as a winner. In collaboration with Swiss Geeks and cool artists like Mina Kings we could put together a great amount of rewards. Besides that we will update our merch with new designs. Long story short – there should be something for everyone out there.

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Let’s do this!

The exact release date of our album is currently unknown. We expect a release in summer/autumn 2017. Until then we still got time to work on the best possible album we could ever create. We would be happy over every support (even sharing this page) and we promise that we’ll always do our best to achieve a happy ending for us all.