Help us support a family less fortunate

The Lunchbox GmbH and Chef Anibal Gamez are a tight team, we are a family. This is why we are helping to gather money to support Chef Anibal’s Mom, Liebana Gamez, who is sick in the hospital in Caracas, Venezuela with Cholecystitis and Gallstones. Without treatment, this could lead to serious complications and even death. She is receiving treatment, and may need an operation. The crisis in Venezuela has made healthcare and treatment extremely expensive when compared with the cost of living and salaries from jobs. There is not enough money in the family to afford the operation. This is why we have paid for most of the treatment ourselves, and are asking you to help support us financially so we can support the Gamez family. The Lunchbox GmbH is not in a surplus of money, considering our main income is events and festivals, and we have been very hard hit from the Corona Pandemic. However, as family is important to us, it is no question for us to help a family in need, especially one of our own.

We are very grateful for contributions made to help the Gamez family as well as our company, The Lunchbox GmbH.

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Help a family in need

We are doing this to help a family in need that does not have the financial resources to pay for the treatment for the head of the family, Mother Liebana Gamez.

We need financial backing for her treatment and Operation

We have put the money forward from The Lunchbox GmbH because Liebana is in dire need of immediate treatment. This campaign will help us support Chef Anibal and his family.