In origin village of my wife from Cameroon, we want to cultivate the banana plantation and supplement with cocoa plants to allow work and income to the grandmother and the villagers

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 29/7/2016

Avebe, South, Cameroon

Avebe, Sangmelima- South Cameroun, 200 km south of Yaounde is the town of events, amidst sub-tropic Umbegung. Perfect conditions for Banannen, cocoa and rubber trees, which occur in the area as well in nature.

In this village, the grandmother of our two children Maeva and Melissa lives. Core aim is with this project, to enable the entire village community and thus also the grandmother on economic way a sustainable income and therefore some degree of certainty.

Since time immemorial, the cultivation of cocoa is a village tradition. Currently an old, natural cocoa variety is cultivated. This plant requires up to 15 years before they bear fruit for the first time

By increasing global demand for cocoa, it makes sense to increase the existing cocoa plantations. However, not with the existing plant variety, but with the appropriate for commercial use plant variety.


To see the cocoa plants set the path leads via the banana. Cocoa needs the banana shrub as symbiosis, to take root in the local soil and grow.

It is important that it is not in this type of banana to the banana that you buy at the supermarket. Commercially, this is a banana, which is used as a vegetable. It is in addition to the root Manjoc- a staple.

Eighteen months ago we build first a fountain for ensuring drinking water. It was then started to work out the basis for the banana plantation. Afterwards banana seedlings were purchased and planted.

The size reached the plantation is not yet commercially available, so that an enlargement which is now part of this project, to enable the people of income today; The bananas can be sold to urban markets.

In the long term, however, it comes to expand the cocoa plantation. These will be purchased next seedlings. With a suitable size, the seedlings are pricked and then planted. It will be accompanied by an agricultural specialist with local governing authority, to ensure that the skills the goal is reached.

The money will be required to achieve this goal.

Project objectives

With the targeted funds we want to achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Expansion of the plantation
  2. Shopping and preparing cocoa seedlings
  3. Planting and growing of cocoa plantation