Vision for the brand

My first collection was of women’s wear and consisted of 15 pieces. I tried to cover a large spectrum from long and elegant dresses to young, colourful and fascinating outfits. In my future collections, I aim to include men’s fashion, since I don’t want to limit myself to one gender. After launching my label and taking my first steps in the fashion industry, I realized that I have to take one step after the other in order to be able to explore my creativity in every category and to learn to create pieces for any function or occasion. My immediate aim is the official launch of Chu-Ak on its own platform, showcasing collections for women and men and presenting creative pieces suitable for functions and for everyday life. My marketing strategy focuses on global online fashion stores and direct orders from clients through social media platforms. I want to set up a homepage for direct sales as a base for my label. Having my designs in international stores and worn internationally would make my biggest dreams come true.

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Reason for this project..

My goal is to develop my fashion label and establish my role in the fashion industry. I strongly believe that each artist or designer is unique and that his or her work reflects that uniqueness and makes them stand out. I use fashion to express and empower myself and I want to show my creativity and share my story through my creations. I intend to build a fashion label that goes beyond a local market. I don’t only want to make a living from my creativity and inspiration, I want to develop my brand name until it is known far beyond the African continent. I want to affect and inspire a young and self-assured generation of fellow designers. It is time to change the image of Africa, to overcome crisis and war and to build a new and confident foundation for a better future.

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what i need the funding for...

I am currently working at home and doing everything myself, juggling between creating and sewing new pieces, and trying to win new clients to keep my business thriving. With additional funding, I would be able to buy the necessary basic equipment for my business and create a modest store of fabrics. It would also enable me to focus on the marketing necessary to reach more clients. This is the biggest aspect of establishing a new fashion label.

industrial sewing machine fabric store, basic equipment and materials investments in marketing (business cards, tags, branded packing material) organizing the official launch and setting up an online homepage

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