Cibbie: The Documentary

We would like to produce a documentary and soundtrack to celebrate Cibbie’s life and tell her story. Through the film, we want to raise awareness about ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and how it affects Cibbie and her family. The documentary will show the daily battle for her and her loved ones while delivering a message of love and faith.

To manage this project transparently, the CB Association was founded by my brothers, sister and I. Our intentions are to help Cibbie and her husband Servais financially and tell their story that spans over 50 years full of ups and downs. We would then like to reach a maximum number of people to share this story of hope and help others through the film.

On Friday May 17, the CB Association will host a special event «Please Give Me a Voice» at the Bourg ( in Lausanne, Switzerland. Participants will see the documentary and exclusive concerts by the artists that contributed to the soundtrack. More information can be found on

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We need your help!

When Cibbie was diagnosed, she was given 2 to 4 years to live. We are now in that time frame and time is precious. With your help, we can speed up the process and do everything we can so she can see the film.

Cibbie is an inspiring character and her story will surely touch many people around the world. This documentary is a celebration of life, family and love.

The production of this film is an amazing human experience. All the participants make this film truly unforgettable. We want to finish and release the documentary to thank all the people involved who gave their time and love for this cause.

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We can do it together!

Through this crowdfunding, we will produce the documentary «Cibbie», the soundtrack and promotional material to help share our story. We will also make a donation to help Cibbie and her husband Servais face this very costly battle.

Your contribution will cover the following costs:

  • filming, directing and editing of the documentary
  • production and administrative fees
  • studio recording, mixing and mastering of the soundtrack of the documentary
  • donations to Cibbie and Servais Lutz and ALS Association Switzerland

In our rewards page, you will find various packages that give you exclusive access to the poster, the film in digital format, the music and your name in the credits at the end of the documentary. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Directors or Jam with the Band

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