The Swiss circular solution for toys! After a successful pilot in Zürich & Lausanne this year, we need your help to expand to other cities in Switzerland and continue fighting climate change together!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 25/10/2023

It's that simple...

Do you have too many unused toys at home and need to make space quickly and easily without putting these perfectly functioning toys in the bin?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend’s kid, your grandchild, or nephew, without adding burden to the world over-consumption and waste?

Many parents but also non-parents have the above dilemmas.

That is why Circle Toys has developed a unique circular model for toys in Switzerland.The concept of Circle Toys is simple because we wanted it simple! Doing good for the planet should not be an effort!

Book a pick-up online and we come for free directly to your doorstep to take the toys you do not need anymore.

Then we clean and check meticulously the quality of the toys, re-package them if needed with reusable bags, and give them a second life in our online store.

In exchange for the toys you gave us, you get a discount price on all the toys of the store, so that you can find toys that your kids, who keep growing, will love as much!

Making the world a better place one toy at a time…

At Circle Toys, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to take a leading role in constructing a safer and more sustainable world for generations to come.

The toy manufacturing sector is responsible for the exhaustion of natural resources, contamination of the land, air, and water, and aggravation of climate change. It’s what we call a degenerative model: « take, make, use, lose ». Do we really want this kind of world for our children?

The aim of our project is to promote a sustainable way of consuming toys and disrupt the actual toy consumption to minimize waste and reduce its environmental impact!

Did you know that 30%of 6-year-olds influence what their parents buy? ( It is important for us to educate future consumers, particularly children about the importance of environmental sustainability. We will provide educational resources and workshops to raise awareness about the benefits of the circular economy and how to reduce waste.

And finally, every franc that is not reinvested back into Circle Toys will be distributed to charities and associations protecting our planet. We’re committed to making the world a better place, one toy at a time.

  • Our reusable bags for birthday gifts!
    Our reusable bags for birthday gifts!
  • Children donate toys to give them a second life
    Children donate toys to give them a second life
  • Find amazing toys or book a pickup online
    Find amazing toys or book a pickup online

We need you because...

After our pilot launch in March 2023, Circle Toys already counts more than 200 customers across Switzerland.

So far we have collected more than 300 kilos of toys in Zurich and Lausanne which can be reused thereby already saving 1.8 tonnes of CO2 emission! And we keep growing!

The funds raised with this campaign will be used to cover the cost of our expansion to promote a new way to consume toys in Switzerland and have a significant impact on climate change:

  • A bigger warehouse: We will use the funds to set up a bigger warehouse and maintain our logistic platform expenses: collecting, cleaning, and reselling the toys.

  • Hiring social employees: One of our core values is responsibility and finding a way to give back. We want to give a chance to students and disabled workers to support us in the development of Circle Toys.

  • Marketing & education efforts: To really take our business to the next level, we need to invest not only in the distribution but also in our marketing and education efforts. To promote the significance of sustainability we will allocate a portion of the funds towards producing educational resources. These materials will be utilised to conduct events and engage with schools to showcase the benefits of a sustainable toy economy.

With your support, we can really make a positive impact on the toy industry, reduce waste and pollution & promote sustainability.

So join us in this exciting journey and let’s make a difference together, one toy at a time!

  • The team
    The team
  • We need a bigger warehouse!
    We need a bigger warehouse!
  • Our Toy Fresk Workshop to teach circular economy to kids
    Our Toy Fresk Workshop to teach circular economy to kids