Making of a solo album

This solo project was at first a distant idea, a dream. A few years ago, when I was performing with the band Elferya (symphonic metal), the desire began to grow; then it took on shape. After I’ve stopped the collaboration with the band, I decided to go on my way for a solo musical challenge.

I needed to write and to compose alone, to put on paper some life’s experiences to create something artistically beautiful, delicate, intense and, above all, authentic.

The first compositions of «piano-voice» were created between 2013 and 2015. After that they gathered around a common theme, a dream and a concrete project : to take up the challenge to record a solo album of quality in 2016, to be back on stage and fully share my passion with you!

I have been lucky to meet a young and talented cellist who will accompany me through upcoming shows and during the production of the studio album. By the end of autumn 2016, the expected album will have around ten tracks.


Up to now, I’ve personally invested in a first song «Forevermore», which can be seen on YouTube, as well as in the making of the video for We Make It. I’m currently working on the preproduction of the album to make a work of quality in studio.

This is why I need your support today to pursue this adventure! The goal is to record ten songs :

  • A voice recording in a professional studio
  • The creation of arrangements for each track
  • If we manage to raise more money than our target, I could have more musicians (violin, etc) to enhance the songs
  • Mixing and mastering
  • CD pressing and postal costs

All this will approach a total estimated cost 9’000.- I am alone in having to collect this money, unlike a band consisting of several members.

I wish more than anything that this album can be achieved and to share my musical universe with you.

To come up

Five to six dates are announced, they will take place between April and June 2016. So you can , if you wish , come and meet me and have a real overview of the pieces and their atmosphere.

Thank you so much for your precious support. And thank you for sharing this great adventure with me !

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