Alice is a 26-year old young woman, a bit shy and very mannered. 

Since her childhood, she’s been obsessed with cleanliness. This comes from her mother who used to force her to wash her hands everytime. She also stated that we were surrounded by diseases and that the Earth was just a big virus. Worried about her health, she discovers a huge amount of possible illness by reading it in books or on the Internet.

That’s the reason why Alice never had any long relationships. Either her partners were too messy or she was too obsessed by the potential germs so that she would end the relationship, being afraid of the impact it would have on her entourage and herself.

But after 26 years of sterile loneliness, Alice is willing to take part to a speed dating to find the perfect match. 

Will she find the companion that will understand her and support her against this viral world? 

Our Project

Everyone’s got phobias. Spiders, fear of heights or even snakes, each person’s got problems. That’s why participating to a speed dating with total strangers is a test in itself for a person with obessional compulsive disorder. 

This is the starting point of Clean Dating, a short-film we are currently producing for our video studies at ERACOM (Lausanne), overseen by Swiss directors Daniel Torrisi and Julien Sulser. 

The shooting will take place at «Le Bourg» (Lausanne) in January for a screening due in March. 


  • Raphaël Tschudi – official website
  • Judith Goudal – student at «La Manufacture» 
  • Arnaud Huguenin – student at «La Manufacture» 
  • Adrien Mani – student at «La Manufacture»

Support us

Clean Dating will only be possible with your generous support. The CHF 1’000 of the crowdfunding will help us cover the basic filming expenses (location rent, costumes and accessories and a small compensation for the actors).

Each of your donation will be rewarded as seen in the right-column. 

Thank you very much for your interest and your support!  See you soon to discover the film.