Together we can move mountainsVon Climanosco, am 13.12.2017 11:06

Dear Friends, Citizens, Scientists, Engineers, Teachers, Students, Leaders of today and of tomorrow, dear Family,

We’re almost half way through the campaign and the Sun is shining, the stars are getting aligned. Together we are moving this campaign towards success in real time.

Many widely recognized organisations are supporting us by announcing our Crowdfunding in their Newsletters or web site, including the Fachfrauen Umwelt, Forum Energie, Network for Transisciplinary Research, Energie Cluster:

We’ve appeared in the influencial newspaper Ron Orp:

We have distributed 1000 flyers in various cities around the world, including Montreal, Paris, Toulouse, Zurich, Lausanne.

Climanosco’s objectives are recognized as extremely worthwhile. But they are challenging. To continue building solid and long term, we need your help today.

Help us make this campaign viral by activating your networks.

Check out our campaign page for updates:

Find and share material for promoting the campaign in various languages:

Share this campaign on all your social media accounts.

Consider making a/another donation. Even the equivalent of a cup of coffee will make a big impact when taken all together.

Take part in this success story!

A big thank you on behalf of the whole team, Michel


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