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We are asking for your assistance to help Dear Deër to promote its enchanting music and produce new original videos.

CHF 910

22% of CHF 4’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 29/12/2014

Dear Deër is:

A pure moment of slender magic that only a heart that didn’t love couldn’t understand.

A combined feeling of freshness and old souls.

Nostalgia,sorrow, fragile and indestructible love, abandonment and desire.

The forest clearing where you cauterize your wounds with salt, leaning against the deer.

A delicate classical piano player, a young violinist greatly prized by famous artists (Woodkid, Belle and Sebastian,…) and a well known Swiss alternative rocker (Peters), producing subtle and sophisticated songs.

A short musical interlude in your reading, with «City Reservoirs», shot at the RSR for the Radio Pardiso show, you can hear above.

The Project

The recording of the first album, «War is over» at the Flon studio with the prestigious Benoît Corboz (Sophie Hunger, Ana Aaron, Erik Truffaz).

As well as the mixing, mastering, graphism, discs printing, promotion and distribution contracts.
This kind of project requires substantial resources and could only be achieved with your help.

The burning desire to show you uncommon video clips directed by talented film makers.

We need you to make the spirit of the deer blow.

To sum up, we need CHF 4’000 to produce three video clips in order to promote the soon to come (January) Dear Deër’s album.

It is also a way to support musicians and young film makers.

Each one of your contributions will be rewarded by a prize that you may find on the right-hand side column.

Thanx a lot dear suporters!

Help us to produce Video Clips for Dear Deër!