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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Vienne. But this may be of interest to you.

Politics, Community, and Literature


Rosa Buch

by Anna Rosenwasser

The Rosa Buch is for queers and their peers - everyone. But paper prices have skyrocketed, and we need the community’s support so that the book doesn’t become a deficit project.

CHF 12’355
82 %
14 days to go

Politics and Kids / Youth


Tramite questo progetto, potrai sostenere con un piccolo contributo la campagna per il Gran Consiglio di Diego Baratti, per realizzare insieme il futuro del Ticino!

CHF 1’180
47 %
21 days to go

Politics, Community, and Art


1 Jahr Angriffskrieg auf die Ukraine - wir stehen zusammen und wollen diesen Tag würdevoll gestalten, mit Gesang, Lesungen, Diskussionen. Ein kleines Team aus Freiwilligen bereitet ihn vor.

CHF 710
59 %
25 days to go

Politics, Community, and Environment


Another world is still possible! And it will be democratic, or it won’t be! A true ecological and social democracy is within reach, we need you! 💙