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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Accra. But this may be of interest to you.
Startup and Tourism

Tinyhouse B&B Zanzibar

Building up your own business in paradise? What a lot of people are dreaming of is exactly what we want to achieve with a little help from you for our Tinyhouse Bed & Breakfast!
by B&B Zanzibar, Zanzibar
29% funded
CHF 2’340 pledged
26 days to go
Food and Startup

La brasserie 4Ethernelles

Le projet des 4Ethernelles, c'est une pico-brasserie artisanale qui permettra de brasser et partager avec amour de la bière dans un lieu féérique! Viens trinquer avec nous!
by Cédric Veillard, Burtigny
71% funded
CHF 7’900 pledged
15 days to go
Startup, Design, and Community


Your Balcony turns into a Bar !
More liveable Space !
by Dorothée & co!, Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 6’221 pledged
20 days to go
Startup, agriculture, and Technology

Swiss Made AgriPhotoVoltaics

Support us in the development of the cost-effective rope-in-steel concepts for installing solar panels high and safely above the ground.
by Milos and Tim, Kandersteg
31% funded
CHF 7’800 pledged
4 days to go
Food, Startup, and Community

DEVI - neues Apéro-Getränk

Mit einem neuen Getränk fordern wir die Apéro-Welt heraus: DEVI. Jetzt sind wir bereit für einen ersten grösseren Testlauf. Dafür brauchen wir deine Unterstützung!
by DEVIA Team, Biel/Bienne
54% funded
CHF 8’150 pledged
18 days to go
Games, Startup, and Kids / Youth

Paintball Adventure

Centre de paintball indoor de plus de 1200m2 à la Tissot Aréna de Bienne, un décor à thème changeant pour une immersion unique. Un bar à bières artisanales et catering à disposition pour se rafraîchir
by Paintball Adventure Biel/Bienne, Biel/Bienne
0% funded
CHF 110 pledged
12 days to go
Fashion, Startup, and Design

Bijoux et bois précieux

Notre volonté est de créer une gamme de bijoux dans laquelle le bois a totalement sa place. Le métal et le bois se complètent parfaitement.
Soutenez-nous dans le développement de notre marque!
by Sylvesse, Zug
0% funded
CHF 25 pledged
12 days to go
Startup, Community, and Sport

Detox - Gesundheitsvorsorge

Dank deiner Hilfe werde ich die notwendige Infrastruktur beschaffen können, um die Detox-Behandlung mit dem einzigartigen, rein physikalischen & sehr gut verträglichen BodyDetox Gerät durchzuführen.
by Coachingold, Lenzburg
8% funded
CHF 435 pledged
34 days to go
Food, Startup, and Community

Support for Refugee Start-Up

Support an Afghan refugee family on their way to financial independence. It’s Khatere’s dream to run her own culinary business. One of her goals is to operate a food trailer. She needs your help!
by Afghan Laziz, Zürich
64% funded
CHF 16’000 pledged
13 days to go
Food, Startup, and Fair Trade

Organic Tea for Women

Six unique teas that support women's health. The teas are hormone friendly & packed with natural healing herbs. Strengthen your connection to your body with MA EARTH.
by Ma Earth, Zürich
12% funded
CHF 1’570 pledged
4 days to go
Fashion, Startup, and Environment

marumi - save our oceans

Zusammen mit Dir wollen wir mit Kleidern die Meere retten! Wir setzen ausschliesslich auf nachhaltige Produkte, jeder Verkauf spendet! Unterstütze uns bei der Verwirklichung unserer Basiskollektion!
by marumi, Basel
8% funded
CHF 875 pledged
24 days to go
Startup, Design, and Community

Corinas Webshop

Unterstütze mich dabei, «Corina's Webshop» für handgemachte Produkte zu gründen. Um den Produzenten einen attraktiven Vertriebsweg zu bieten.
by Corina Gassner, Oberriet
45% funded
CHF 2’275 pledged
20 days to go

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