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Games and Community


Saurvival is a mix of board and card game. Prepare for a strategic adventure full of action, fun and dinosaurs. For 2/4 adults or teenagers (from 10). Game length: 60 - 240 min
by Marc Tanner and Jessica Dolman, Schlieren
60% funded
CHF 7’255 pledged
21 days to go

The Van of all Vans.

I bought an old VW T4. Now help me to build THE van of all vans! The more supporters I can find now, the cooler the van will be, the more fun we all will have. PRE-BOOK YOUR OWN ADVENTURE NOW!
by Marc Huber, Villmergen
7% funded
CHF 1’488 pledged
35 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport

Vereinsfahne STV Herznach

Es ist an der Zeit für eine neue Fahne und einen visionären Blick in die Zukunft des Turnsports in Herznach. Um uns diesen Traum zu erfüllen, brauchen wir die Unterstützung von dir!
by STV Herznach, Herznach
31% funded
CHF 4’660 pledged
22 days to go
Publishing, architecture, and Environment

Building climate

About one third of Switzerland's CO2 emissions is caused by buildings. In a small, green book with over 60 tips, we want to show how we can design and construct buildings in a climate-friendly way.
by Hochparterre, Zürich
99% funded
CHF 99’289 pledged
12 days to go
Politics, Community, and Education

Support Empathy City Zurich

From Zurich, we offer the world a reminder that a much more empathic society is possible. We are a growing community, and we hold courses on empathy and conflict resolution. Now we need your support!
by Empathie Stadt Zürich, Zürich
67% funded
CHF 33’676 pledged
17 days to go
Games and Community

FREIBLATT Jasskarten

✻ Damen bis Herren Jass: Anlässlich des 50 Jahr Jubiläums des Frauenstimmrechts in der Schweiz präsentieren wir FREIBLATT ✻ Damen bis Herren Jass – die Karten, die alle ins Spiel bringen.
by Kollektiv Kohlmeise, Zürich
78% funded
CHF 6’277 pledged
11 days to go
Science, Fashion, and Environment

Local Colours II

The Local Colours project is a more sustainable alternative for industrial textile dyeing – Swiss linen, regional waste, natural colours and local partners.
by Carys Schutzbach & Achim Ecker (ZHAW), Caroline Fourré, and krismller, Wädenswil and Zürich
80% funded
CHF 12’055 pledged
23 days to go
Startup, Design, and Fair Trade

Collection F

With your support we will realize the next collection for our fair unisex jewelry label together with our artisans in Nepal.
by Felix Doll, Zürich and Kathmandu
60% funded
CHF 10’800 pledged
7 days to go
Music, Festival, and Dance

Arte reunido trotz Covid

Arte reunido – DAS Flamencofestival der deutschsprachigen Schweiz - präsentiert lokale KünstlerInnen im Theater Stok in Zürich. Das Projekt sichert die Durchführung der Festivalwoche 8.-14. Nov. 2021.
by Arte reunido, Zürich
73% funded
CHF 3’320 pledged
18 days to go
Science and Film

SciFilmIt - Zurich Hackathon

SciFilmIt bridges the gap between science and emotion through film. Help us bring scientists and artists together to innovate science communication and create cinema films that we share with you.
by SciFilmIt - Zurich Hackathon, Zürich
58% funded
CHF 1’175 pledged
9 days to go

Glaston's 2nd Album

«I am Whole» – that's the name of our 2. album. Instrumental, intense and honest. Help us realize our project!
by glastonmusic, Zürich
100% funded
CHF 12’043 pledged
11 days to go
Photography, architecture, and Art

Resurrecting Babylon

Photo essay portraying contemporary urban space in Doha, Bahrain, the UAE and India, reflecting on how we live in a globalized and digitalized world. Accompanied by original text on urban philosophy.
by Alexander Cyrus Poulikakos, Zürich
138% funded
CHF 5’555 pledged
4 days to go

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